Avery Sunshine

LONDON Hideaway
2 Empire Mews
SW16 2BF

Sensational soul/jazz vocals from Avery Sunshine as she launches her new album 'Twenty Sixty Four' at Hideaway as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival 2017.

Have you been to the church of Avery Sunshine? With her ability to delivery stunning soulful sensibility, the possessor of thunderous, gospel-bred vocals and the ability to craft self-penned heart-to-heart content, this singer-songwriter can't help spilling the truth in her music. She knows the best route sometimes is the direct one. No detours. So listeners won't have to 'get on her level' - she's already on theirs!

'Avery's talent is zeppelin-sized, her vocals so rich and listenable.' The Express

'A radiant brand of soul delivered from the gut with a joyful smile.' The Washington Post