Aubin Vanns

LONDON PizzaExpress Jazz Club
10 Dean Street


Aubin Vanns plays music from his recent album Opera. Each composition is a song without words, coloured by evocative harmony and textural percussion.

Guitarist, composer and improviser, Vanns has gained a reputation for his mature and original improvisational style as well as his melodic compositions. After working on his music in the shadows while performing as a sideman, he finally brings to life his ideas through his own quartet, with pianist Alberto Palau, bassist Will Harris and drummer Jay Davis. Captivated by the power of simplicity, Aubin is led by melody. He plays with honesty and elegant lyricism. ‘Aldeburgh’ is directly inspired by Benjamin Britten’s second ‘Sea Interlude’ and ‘Death-Devoted Heart’ is a reference to Wagner’s ‘Tristan and Isolde’ whilst drawing musical influence from scandinavian folk. 

Aubin is influenced by a wide variety of music including Bill Frisell, John Abercrombie, Radiohead, Edvard Grieg and Richard Strauss. The compositions on Opera have been chosen from the past ten years, taking inspiration from jazz, scandinavian folk, Benjamin Britten as well as poets WB Yeats and FS Flint.

Aubin Vanns - guitar 

Alberto Palau - piano 

Conor Chaplin - double bass 

Jay Davis - drums and glockenspiel