Andreas Schaerer & Luciano Biondini

LONDON PizzaExpress (Holborn)
99 High Holborn


ACT recording artist and vocal phenomenon Andreas Schaerer explores techniques ranging from beat-boxing and scat-singing through to operatic coloratura. His virtuosity will be matched by accordionist Luciano Biondini

ACT recording artist, Andreas Schaerer, from Berne in Switzerland, is one of the most talked-about vocal artists on the international music scene, and with good reason. He is considerably more than just a singer - and to classify him under jazz doesn’t really do him justice either.

Schaerer uses his voice in the manner of a juggler, a magician. He can not only make it sound forth in contrasting stylistic idioms and vocal registers, (switching at will from songster to crooner to scatter), he can also produce all kinds of sounds and imitate a whole range of instruments. He can do beatbox percussion, or he can stack up polyphonic vocal parts on top of each other in a way which seems unfeasible.

In addition to all that, he is also a hugely impressive composer and improviser, skills which he can bring to bear on all kinds of musical projects, where his virtuosity can be the key ingredient, either providing melodic form or rhythmic impetus. And his skills don’t stop there. He has considerable on-stage charisma, and also brings a rare gift into the world of ‘serious’ music: humour, which is the stock-in-trade of his main band Hildegard Lernt Fliegen (meaning Hildegard learns to fly).

NB - this show was originally scheduled for Sunday 17th (lunch)

'Seeing Swiss improvising vocalist Andreas Schaerer can take your breath away. His astounding range and audacious creativity meld with a keen sense of timing and a touch of humour to create a unique and engaging show. Andreas shares the stage with Italian jazz and folk accordion player Luciano Biondini. A must see.'

(Chris Philips, Jazz FM)