Alice Leggett Quartet - George Crowley solo - Sam Jesson Trio

LONDON Con Cellar Bar
42 St Pancras Way


The Con Cellar Bar, one of London's underground jazz gems for over a decade, plays host to new projects from each of its residents - Alice Leggett, George Crowley and Sam Jesson.

The Con Cellar has always been a rich breeding ground for young musicians presenting new work, and - in this spirit - presents new music and projects from each of its current curators.

Alice Leggett Quartet

Alice Leggett - sax Rick Simpson - piano Calum Gourlay - bass Will Glaser - drums Saxophonist and composer Alice Leggett (Mark Lockheart's Days on Earth) has established herself as one of the key musicians in the young London scene, and will play new music with her regular Quartet, who showcase creative and modern music with a fondness for the tradition.

George Crowley - saxophone / electronics

A new solo set from George Crowley, whose improvised saxophone / pedals / synth / laptop performances weave together disparate elements of minimalism, loops, warm drones, the percussive side of the saxophone, sunrise ambience and more, with Crowley's native tenor sax as the glue to bind it all together.

Sam Jesson Trio

Sam Jesson - drums Tom Farmer - bass George Crowley - sax While Sam Jesson has been an active force on the London jazz scene for many years now, this trio marks his debut as a leader; together with Empirical's Tom Farmer and George Crowley, they look to build an open and joyful approach to playing music within and outside of the jazz tradition - this gig marks their first performance, and the start of a comprehensive UK tour