Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya

LONDON Barbican
Silk Street


One of the most charismatic performers in jazz today, South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim has been at the forefront of the jazz scene for over fifty years.

Abdullah Ibrahim’s music has long tracked the turbulence of his South African homeland’s history, matching its past struggles and current optimism through music of great hope and deeply reflective soulfulness. 

Abdullah and Ekaya sold out the Royal Festival Hall as part of the 2014 EFG London Jazz Festival, in a year that marked 20 years of a free South Africa, and again in the 2017 Festival.

  • ‘ Melodies and phrases that seemed to breathe as the music spiralled upwards and kept a packed auditorium spellbound. ★★★★☆ ’
    (Evening Standard)
  • ‘ People don't like Abdullah Ibrahim, they adore him, bestowing on him the devotion normally reserved for Nina Simone. When he plays, melodies tumble out effortlessly, as he slides from theme to theme like a laid-back South African reincarnation of Thelonious Monk. ’
    (The Guardian)