Fri 10 - Sun 19 November 2017

Corporate Partnerships

24 years of innovation, talent and diversity – be part of it!

As the UK's largest annual celebration of jazz, the EFG London Jazz Festival attracts valuable support from many different organisations enabling the Festival to continue to grow and achieve exceptional levels of artistic excellence year on year.

An association with the Festival provides opportunities for our partners to align their brand with the intensely creative and dynamic jazz scene, connecting both with the exceptional artists making music today and the diversity of the Festival’s multi-cultural audiences.

'The EFG London Jazz Festival descends on the capital offering an ear-bending cavalcade of Nordic minimalists, US avant-noisemakers, Ethiopian roots, kora players and turntablists, who all now march under the multinational, multilingual banner of jazz.' (The Times)

As well as a live audience of over 100,000, the Festival’s national audience reach is now over 6 million including 2 million BBC Radio listeners.  The live audience is complemented by over 350,000 website visitors with nearly 1.5million page views. The Festival’s social media reach has grown significantly, with over 45,000 engaging through Facebook and Twitter with additional followers on Soundcloud, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest.

The Festival’s dedicated development team is committed to working strategically with all its partners to deliver unique, memorable and value-added relationships to meet core business objectives.

Benefits include:

  • Brand development and profile building
  • Connecting with the diverse Festival audiences including a huge range of schools, colleges and community organisations that help take the inspiration of jazz to many young people.
  • Exclusive content opportunities
  • Client entertaining & unique events
  • Employee engagement
  • Bespoke community programmes

'The great thing about Serious is that they possess all the necessary attributes: passion for their subject; organisational skill with the necessary attention to detail; and always proactive.' (Keith Gapp, Head of Strategic Marketing & Communications, EFG International)


If you would like to find out how to get involved, please contact Jack Cuthbertson on 020 7324 1880 or email [email protected]